คอร์ดเพลง Love at Sundown

INTRO : Gm|G#|Bb

'Tis sundEbown.       Bb

The golden sunlight tints the buleG# sea.

Paints the hill and gilds the palmFm tree,

HappBby be, my love, at sundEbown.

'Tis sundEbown.       Bb

The multi-coloured dancing sunbG#eam

Brightly shines on in my hearFmt's dream

OfBb the one I love, at sundEbown.

INSTRU : Adim7      D7

* The birdGms come to their nestD7

At peaceGm, they billEb and coo.G#

The wideD world sinks to rest,Adim7

And soGm do I aF#7nd soFm do you.Gm

** 'Tis sundoEbwn.

In splendour sinks the sun, comes twiliG#ght,

Day is done, now greets the cooFml night.

HapBbpy be, my love, at sundo(Eb)wn.


Eb|Bb|G# |G#7 |Fm|Bb|Eb

Adim7      |D7

( Repeat * , ** )

INSTRU : G#m |E7F#|Eb