Original Key

คอร์ดเพลง In My Life จากศิลปิน The Beatles เป็นเพลงแนวสากล โดยคอร์ดในเพลงนี้ประกอบด้วยคอร์ด เป็นต้น

In My Life

Original Key


There are plaAces, I rEemembF#mer       A7

All my lifeD       tDmhough someA have changed

Some forevAer notE for betF#mter       A7

Some have goneD       aDmnd someA remain

All these placesF#m have their momDents

With loveGrs and friends I stillA can recall

Some are deadF#m and some are liviBng

In my lifeDm I've lovedA them all


But of allA these frienEds and loveF#mrs       A7

There is noD one DmcomparesA with you

And these memAories loseE their meaF#mning       A7

When I thinkD of loveDm as someAthing new

* Though I knowF#m I'll never lose affecDtion

For peoGple and things that wentA before

I knowF#m I'll often stop and think aboutB them

In my lifeDm I loveA you more

INSTRU : AE|F#m A7|DDm|A ( 2 Times )

( REPEAT * )


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