คอร์ดเพลง This Love


INTRO : G | Cm | Fm | G7 ( 2 Times )

I Gwas so high I did not recogniCmze

The fire burning in Fmher eyes

The chaos that controllG7ed my mind

whispGered goodbye as she gotCm on a plane

Never to returnFm again But always in my heartG7

 * ThCmis loveFm has takeBbn its tollEb on me

SheCm said GoodbyeFm too manyBb times beforeEb

AndCm her heartFm is breakingBb in frontEb of me

I hCmave no choiceFm

cause IG# won't say goodbyGe anymore

INSTRU : G | Cm | Fm | G7

IG tried my best to feed her appetCmite

Keep her coming everyFm night

So hard to keep her satisG7fied

KeptG playing love like it was justCm a game

Pretending to feelFm the same

Then turn around and leaveG7 again

( But I know... )

REPEAT ( * )

INSTRU : G | Cm | Fm | G7

I'llFm fix these broken things

RepairEbmaj7 your broken wings

AndG7 make sure everything's alrigCmht (it's alright)

MyFm pressure on her hips SinEbmaj7king my fingertips

Into everyG inch of you

Cause I knowG7 that's what you want me to do

REPEAT ( * ) Till End


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