Original Key

คอร์ดเพลง Misery จากศิลปิน Maroon 5 เป็นเพลงแนวสากล โดยคอร์ดในเพลงนี้ประกอบด้วยคอร์ด เป็นต้น


Original Key


SoC scared of breaking it

But youB won't let it bend

AndC I wrote two hundred letters

I wBon't ever send

SomehowC it is cut so much

DeepBer then they seem

You'dC rather cover up

I'd rathBer let them be

So letC me be And I'll setB you free

* I Emam  iAmn misDery  G

There ain'tEm no otherAm

Who can comDfort me  G

WhyEm won'tAm you ansDwer me  G

Your sileEmnce is slowAmly killiDng me  G

** GirlEm you really gotAm me bad

YouD really got me badG

I'mEm gonna getAm you back

I’mD gonna get you backG

YourC salty skin and how

It mixeBs in with mine

TheC way it feels to be

CompletBely intertwined

It'sC not that I didn't care

It's thatB I didn't know

It'sC not what I didn't feel

It's whatB I didn't show

So letC me be And I'll setB you free

( REPEAT * , ** )

SayBm your faith is shaken

YouAm may be mistaken

YouF#dim keep me wide awake

And WaitiGng for the sun

I'mBm desperate and confused

So Amfar away from you I'mC getting here

I don't care whereB I have to go

Why do you do what you do to me

yeah Why won't you

answer me answer me yeah

WhEmy do yAmou do Dwhat you doG to me yeah

WhEmy won'tAm you ansDwer me, answGer me yeah

( REPEAT * , ** , ** , ** , ** )

Till End



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