คอร์ดเพลง We Don’t Talk Anymore


* We don't talk anymorAe

We don't talk anymorBe

We don't talk anymorC#me

Like we used to do G#m

We don't laugh anymorAe

What was all of it forB

Ohh, we don't talk anymorC#me,

like we used to do.(G#m)..

I just heard you fouAnd the one

you been looking

YouB been looking for

I wisC#mh I would have known that wasn't me G#m

Cause even after allA this time I still wonder

WhyB I can't move on

JusC#mt the way you did so easilG#my

** Don't wanna knoAw

Kinda dress you're wearing tonigBht

If he's holdin onto you so tigC#mht

The way I did beforG#me

I overdosAed

Shoulda known your love was a gamBe

Now I can't get you out of my braC#min

Ohh, it's such a shame

( REPEAT * )

I just hope you're lyinAg next to somebody

Who knows howB to love you like me

There musC#mt be a good reason that you're gonG#me

Every now and thenA I think you might want me to

Come shoBw up at your door

But I'mC#m just too afraid that I'll be wroG#mng

( REPEAT ** , * )

INSTRU : A|B|C#m  |G#m  ( 2 Times )

( REPEAT  ** , * , * )


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