คอร์ดเพลง Someone Like You

INTRO : A|A/G#  |F#m |D

I hearAd that you're settA/G#led down, That you

fouF#mnd a girl And you're marDried now

I hAeard that your dreamA/G#s came true

Guess she gavF#me you things I didn't givDe to you

OldA friend why are you so A/G#shy

Ain't like youF#m to hold back

Or hideD from the light

* I hatEsus4e to turn up

out of the blueF#m7 uninvited but I  D

couldn't stay away I couldn't fight it

I had hopeEsus4d you'd see my face

And thatF#m7 you'd be reminded

that for me Dit isn't over

** NevAer mind I'll findE someone likeF#m you       D

I wish notAhing but the bestE for youF#m two       D

Don't forgetA me I begE I'll remF#member you saidD

Sometimes it lastAs in love

but someEtimes it hurts insteF#mad       D

(Sometimes it lastAs in love

but someEtimes it hurts instF#mead, yeah) D

YouA know how the timeA/G# flies, Only

yestF#merday was the timeD of our lives

We were bornA and raised

In aA/G# summer haze

Bound by F#mthe surprise of our glorDy days

( REPEAT * , ** )

NothEing compares, No worries or cares

RegretF#ms and mistakes they're memories made

WhoD would have known how

bitter-sweeBmt this C#mwould tasteD       E

( REPEAT ** , ** )