คอร์ดเพลง Father Bhumibol


พ่อภูมิพล English Version

INTRO :  G|Em ( 2 Times )

FathGer roams both and far and near,Em

treads on every inch of landG

From peaks of mountCains, tall and grand,G

down to shoreDs with mangrovesEm filled

ComGes to teach, to tell, to builEmd.

Brings new methods he creatGes

Fixes proCblems, sets things straiGght,

bringing hopDe to all ThailaGnd


HowGever hard, there’s no complainEmts.

To make sure they have better fateGs

His royal bodyC dedicatesG,

and he rulesD with righteousEmness


* TheG sky went dark October 13thEm.

He closed his eyes and then was goneG

His children’s tearsC will flood ThailaGnd,

they grieve for FathDer BhumibolG.

** King of our heartCs. Father BhumibolG

Father to DThai people everywhereG

To follow your trailC will be a noble thingG

Great, learned KingD,

whose sweat has blessed our landG

INSTRU :  C|G|D|G ( 2 Times )

( REPERT * , ** , ** )

Great, learned kingD,

whose sweat caressed our landG

INSTRU :  Em|G|Em|Em


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