คอร์ดเพลง Californication

INTRO : Am|F ( 4 Times )

PsychAmic spies from China

Try to stealF your mind's elation

LittAmle girls from Sweden

Dream of silvFer screen quotations

And if Cyou want these kinGd of dreams

It's CalifFornicatDmion

INSTRU : Am|F ( 2 Times )

It's the edgeAm of the world

And all of westFern civilization

The sun Ammay rise in the East

At least it settFled in a final location

It's undCerstood that HollGywood

Sells CaliFfornicatiDmon

INSTRU : Am|F ( 2 Times )

* PayAm your surgeon very well

To breaFk the spell of aging

CelebrAmity skin is this your chin

Or is Fthat war you're waging

** FirsAmt born unicornF

HarAmd core soft pornF

*** DreaCm of CaliforGnicatDmion       Am

DreaCm of CaliforGnicatDmion

INSTRU : Am|F ( 2 Times )

MarrAmy me girl, be my fairy to the world

Be my veryF own constellation

A teenaAmge bride with a baby inside

Getting highF on information

And buyC me a star on the bouleGvard

It's CaliFfornicatiDmon

INSTRU : Am|F ( 2 Times )

SpaceAm may be the final frontier

But it's madeF in a Hollywood basement

And, CobaiAmn, can you hear the spheres

Singing songFs off station to station

And AldeCraan's not far Gaway

It's CalifFornicatiDmon

INSTRU : Am|F ( 2 Times )

BornAm and raised by those who praise

control Fof population

WellAm, everybody's been there

and I don't Fmean on vacation

( REPEAT ** , *** , *** )


F#m |D|F#m |D|BmD|AE

F#m |D|F#m |D|BmD|AE

BmD|AE ( 3 Times )

Am|F ( 2 Times )

DestrAmuction leads to a very rough road

But it alsoF breeds creation

And earthqAmuakes are to a girl's guitar

They're justF another good vibration

And tidaCl waves couldn't saveG the world

From CalifFornicatiDmon

INSTRU : Am|F ( 2 Times )

( REPEAT * , ** , *** , *** )