คอร์ดเพลง Soul To Squeeze

INTRO : A|A ( 4 Times )

FC|DmBb|DmF|CG ( 2 Times )

I'veF got a badC disease,Dm          Bb

UpDm from my brainF is whereC I bleedG.

InsFanity it Cseems,Dm          Bb

Is Dmgot me by Fmy soulC to squeeGze.

WellF all the loveC from me,Dm          Bb

WithDm all the dyiFng treesC I screamG.

TheF angels in Cmy dreams,Dm          Bb

HaveDm turned to demFons of greedC that's meG.

* WherFe I go I justC don't know,

I gDmot to got to gotta takeBb it slow.

WheFn I find my peaceC of mind,

I'm Dmgonna give you some of myAm good timeBb.

TodFay love smileC on me,Dm          Bb

It Dmtook awayF my painC said pleaseG

AllF that you rideC is free,Dm          Bb

YouDm gotta letF it beC, Oh ya. G

( REPEAT * )


( 2 Times )

DmC|C ( 3 Times )


YouF’re      so politeC indeed,Dm          Bb

WellDm I got everFythingC I needG.

Oh Fmake my daysC a breeze,Dm          Bb

AndDm take awayF my selfC destruGction.

It'sF bitter baby, And it's veryC sweet.

I'm on a rollDmercoaster, butBb I'm on my feet.

TakeDm me to the river, Let me on Fyour shore.

I'll be comCing back baby

I'll be comGing back for more.

DooF doo doo doo dingle zingC a dong bone,

Ba-di Dmba-da ba-zumba crunga congBb gone bad

likeDm an apple gift but I went outF

and never said my pleasures

I’mC much better but I wonG't regret it never.

( REPEAT * )

WhereF I go I justC don't know,

I mDmight end up somewhere in MexBbico.

WhenF I find my peaceC of mind,

I'mDm gonna keep you for the endAm of time!Bb