Original Key

Because Of You

Original Key

CAPO FRET#1 (transpose key G#)

INTRO : EmC|D ( 2 Times )

I Gwill not makeBm the sameEm

mistakes that you did, I...  D

will Gnot letBm myself

causEme my heart so much misery       D

I wGill not breakBm the wayEm you did

You fell so hard D

I lGearned the hardBm way

to nevEmer let it get that farD

* Because of youEm

I never strayC too far from the sideDwalk

Because of you Em

I learned to play on the safeC side

So I don'Dt get hurt          B

** Because of youAm

I find it hard to trustG/B

Not only meD, but everyone aroundB me

Because of you, CI am afraidD

I lGose my wayBm

And it's notEm too long before you poinDt it out

I cGannot cry Bm

BecausEme I know that's weakness in Dyour eyes

I'm Gforced to fakeBm a smileEm, a laugh

Every dayD of my lifeG

My heart can't possiBmbly break

When it wasnEm't even whole to starDt with

( REPEAT * , ** )

I watched you dieBm I heard you cry Em

Every night in youDr sleep

I was so youngBm You should have knownEm

better than to leanD on me

You never thoughBmt of anyone elseEm

You just saw yourD pain

And now I cryBm in the middle of the nightEm

Over the sameD damn thing

( REPEAT * )

Because of youF#m

I tried my hardest justD to forget everEything

Because of youF#m

I don't know how to letD anyone elseE in

BeC#cause of youBm

I'm ashamed of my lifeA/C# because it's empEty       C#

Because of youD I am afraidE

Because of you

INSTRU : F#m D|E ( 2 Times )


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