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คอร์ดเพลง All of Me

TUNE Eb (key G#)

INTRO : F#m D|AE ( 2 Times )

WhatF#m would I do Dwithout your smart mouthA?

Drawing me in,E and you kicking me outF#m

You've got my headD spinning,

No Akidding, I can'tE pin you downF#m

What's going on DIn that beautiful mindA

I'm on your magiEcal mystery rideF#m

And I'm so Ddizzy, don't knowA what hit me,

but I'll Ebe alrightBm

* My head's under waterA

But I'mE breathing fineBm

You're crazy and I'mA out of my mindE

** 'Cause all Aof me Loves allF#m of you

Love your curvesD and all your edges

All your perfeEct imperfections

*** Give your all Ato me I'll give my all F#mto you

You're my endD and my beginning

Even whenE I lose I'm winning

'Cause I give you all F#m      oDf meA           E

And you give me all F#m      oDf youA, oh   E

HowF#m many timesD do I have to tell youA

Even when you're cryinEg you're beautiful toF#mo

The world is beatinDg you downA,

I'm aroundE through every moodF#m

You're my downfDall, you're my museA

My worst distracEtion, my rhythm and bluF#mes

I can't stop singinDg, it's ringinAg  in myE head for youBm

( REPEAT * , ** , *** )

Give me all of youBm Cards on the tableA, we're bothE

showing heartBms Risking it all,A though it's hardE

( REPEAT ** , *** )

I give you all F#m      oDf meA          E

And you give me all F#m      oDf youA, oh   E

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