คอร์ดเพลง Everything I Need

BorBmn on tGhe wrongD side of the oceAan

WithBm all the tidesG against youD       A

YouBm never thoughGt

You'd be Dmuch good for anyAone

ButBm that's so faGr from the truthD       A

I know there's painEm in your heart

And you're coveGred in scars

WishBm you could see what I do A

* 'Cause baby, everBmything Gyou are D

Is eveArything I need Bm

You're everGything to me D       A

Baby, eveBmry singGle part D

Is whoA you're meant to be Em

'Cause you were meant for meG

(And you're eveArything I need)


YouBm can say I'm wrongG

You can turnD your back againAst me

ButBm I am hereG to stayD (I am hereA to stay)

LikeBm the seaG

She keepDs kissing the shoreAline

No Bmmatter howG many times

He pushDes her awayA

( REPEAT * )

AndEm everything happens forG a reaAson

It's Emall a blessGing in disguiAse

I uEmsed to question whoG I was  A

Well now I seeEm, The answer is Gin your eyesA

( REPEAT * )



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