คอร์ดเพลง Papa

TUNE Eb (transpose key F#)

INTRO : Em ( 4 Times )


EverEmyday my papa would work

To tryAm to make ends meet

To B7see that we would eat

Keep those shoeEms upon my feet

EveEmry night my papa would take me

And tuckAm me in my bed

KissB7 me on my head

After all Emmy prayers were said

And Cthere were yearsD

Of sadB7ness and of tearsEm

ThrouCgh it all, TogetDher

We were strongG, We were strongB7

TimeCs were roughD, But PapB7a he was toughEm

And mamCa stood besideAm him all alongB7

GrowEming up with them was easy

The timeAm had flew on by

The yearB7s began to fly

They agedEm and so did I

And I cCould tell D

That mamB7a she wasn't wellEm

And papaC knew and deepD down

So did sheG, So did sheB7

AndC when she died D

PapaB7 broke down and he criedEm

And all Che could say was

"GodAm, why her? Take B7me!"

EverEmyday he sat there sleeping

In Ama rocking chair

He B7never went upstais

BecauseEm she wasn't there

ThenEm one day my Papa said, "Son,

I'm Amproud of how you've grown"

He B7said, "Go out and make it on your own.

Don't worry. EmI'm O.K. alone."

He said, "ThereEm are things that you must do"

"TherAme's places you must see"

His eyes B7were sad as he

As he saidEm goodbye to me

EverEmy time I kiss my children

PapaAm's words ring true

He said, "Your chilB7dren live through you.

Let them growEm! They'll leave you, too"

I rEmemember every word

My papAma used to say

I kissB7 my kids and pray

They will thinkEm of me C       D

That way Em       A       EmSomedayC       D       E


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