คอร์ดเพลง Blowin’ in the Wind



HowD many roadGs must a manD walk down

Before they canGcall him a manA?

HowD many seasG must a whiDte dove saiBml

BeforDe she sleeGps in the sanAd?

HowD many timGes must the canDnon balls fly

Before they're foreveGr banneAd?

* The ansDwer, my friGend, is bloDwin' in the windBm

The ansDwer is blowGin' in the windD

HowD many yeaGrs can a mouDntain exist

Before it is washGed to the seaA?

HowD many yeaGrs can some peoDple exisBmt

BeforDe they're allowGed to be freeA?

HowD many timGes can a manD turn his head

And pretend that he justG doesn't seeA?

( REPEAT * )

HowD many timGes must a manDlook up

Before he can seeG the sky?A

HowD many earGs must one manA have

BeforDe he can heaGr people cryA?

HowD many deaGths will it takDe 'til he knows

That too many peoGple have dieAd?

( REPEAT * )


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