คอร์ดเพลง We Are the Champions


I've paid my dueCms          Gm7

Time after timCme          Gm7

I've done my senCmtence          Gm7

But committed no criCmme       Gm7

And bad misEbtakes       G#

I've made a fewEb          G#

I've had my shaEbre of

sand kicBbked in my facCme

But I'vFe comBbe through        C

* We Fare the chaAmmpions, my friDmends       Bb       C

And we'Fll keep on fightiAmng 'til the endBb          D

We Gmare the champions

We Bbmare the champions

No Ftime for losGmers

'Cause we G#are the chaBbmpions       C7

(Of the worFld)

INSTRU : Fm|Cm7 |Fm|Cm7 |Fm|Cm7

I've taken my bowCms       Gm7

And my curtain calCmls       Gm7

You brought me famCme and fortune

and everything that goeGm7s with it

I thank you allCm          Gm7

But it's been no bed of rosEbes       G#

No pleasure cruEbise       G#

I consider it a chalEblenge

before the whoBble human racCme

And I aFin't gonna losBbe       C

( REPEAT * , * )


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