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คอร์ดเพลง Lover Boy


TUNE Eb (transpose key B)

INTRO : Dm|G|C|Am ( 2 Times )

Dm|G|Em|Am ( 2 Times )

WandDmering the streetGs all through the nigCmaj7ht          Am

SearcDmhing for the oneG to make me rigCmaj7ht          Am

WonDmdering if she'Gs the shade of youCmaj7            Am

And If sDmo, should I try Gto see it throCmaj7ugh       Am

* DarlFing, I got my trusDmt issues

WarnCing, you stayAm away

If Fwe meet at the rendezDmvous

takeC me away, SunAmray

( REPEAT * )

INSTRU : Dm|G|Em|Am ( 2 Times )

TimeDm and toys, May fill Gmy heart with joCmaj7y           Am

I'll Dmknow peace when I'm yGour lover boyCmaj7            Am

I'll be youAmr new school souCl. SilverAm and goldD.

NewAm desireC. FrienAds on fireD. Call Gme 'lover boy'

( REPEAT * , * )

INSTRU : Dm|G|Em|Am ( 2 Times )


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