คอร์ดเพลง Everything

INTRO : GC|EmD ( 2 Times )

WheGn you gotC nothing

FreeEm wheeling and Dfree falling you go

WheGn you've gotC nothing

you've got something to proEmve       D

TheGn you getC something

SomEmething that Dyou've always dreamed about

WheGn you've gotC something

you've got something to losEme       D

They'll take everything       G       C       Em

They'll take your sparDk

they'll take everything       G       C       Em

They'll break your heaDrt

they'll take everything   Bm          C

Ahh 'cause notAmhings ever something

UntilD you lose everything

INSTRU : GC|EmD ( 2 Times )

ForG a while youC've got everything

YouEm're flying highD you don't wanna come down

ButG something stiCrs down in your souEml       D

'cauGse everythiCng is nothing

'tilEm you've got SomDebody to share it with

SomGebody to Chave somebody to holEmd       D

Give them everything       G       C

GivEme them light and darkD

give them everything       G       C

GivEme them all your heaDrt

give them everything       Bm       C

Yeah 'cause notAmhings ever something

UntilD you give everything


'CauCse notGhing lasts forever D

YeaCh but somGethings they never chaDnge

YouC know that anytEmhing is betterD

If you've got lovAe, you've got everything       C       D

You've got everything       G       C

AhhEm       Deverything       G       C

AhhEm       Deverything       G       C

AhhEm       D everything       G       C

Yeah 'cause notAmhing's ever something

Until youD give everything       G