Original Key

คอร์ดเพลง Have It All จากศิลปิน Jason Mraz เป็นเพลงแนวสากล โดยคอร์ดในเพลงนี้ประกอบด้วยคอร์ด เป็นต้น

Have It All

Original Key

INTRO : E|C#m |A|B

May you have our auspiciEousness

and causes of success

May you have the conC#mfidenc

 to always do your best

May you take no effoArt

and you'll be no generous

Sharing what you canB

nothing more nothing less

May you know the meaEning

of the word happiness

May you always leadC#m

from the beating in your chest

May you be treaAted

like an esteemed guest

May you get to restB

may you catch your breath

* I made the bestC#m to yours todays

Be the worsAt to your tommorowsE, WoahB

I made the roleC#m, let's play

Be the roleA that you followE, WoahB

** Well, hereE's to the hearts

that you gonna break

HereB's to the lies that you gonna change

HereC#m's to the excellence

possible ways to loveA you

I want you to have it

HereE's to the good times we gonna have

YouB don’t need money, you got a free pass

HereC#m's to the fact that I'll be sad withoutA you

I want you to have it all

*** Oh, EI want you to haveB it all

I want you to haveC#m it

I want you to haveA it all

May you be as fascinatEing

as the slap bracelet

May you keep the chaoC#ms

and the clutter off your desk

May you have unquestiAonable

health and less stress

Having no possesBsions

though immeasurable wealth

May you get your goldE

star on your next test

May your educatC#med

guesses always be correct

And may you went crisAes

shining like diamonds

May you really onlyB reach

only moment to the next

( REPEAT * , ** , *** )

Oh, C#mI want you to have it all B

All you can imagine, oh C#m

No matter what your path is E

If you believe it, then anything could happen

Go Ago go, raise your glasses

Go Bgo go, you can have it C#m, Oh

( REPEAT ** , *** , *** )

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