Original Key

คอร์ดเพลง Green Fields จากศิลปิน The Brothers Four เป็นเพลงแนวสากล โดยคอร์ดในเพลงนี้ประกอบด้วยคอร์ด เป็นต้น

Green Fields

Original Key

 INTRO : Bm|Em|Bm|F#7

OnceBm there were greenEmfields

KisseBmd by the sun F#7

OnceBm there were vallEmeys

where riveBmrs used to runF#7

OnceG there were blue skies

with whiteD clouds high aboveBaug

OnceEm they were partA of

an everlastBming love F#7

WeBm were the loveEmrs

Who strolBmled       tF#7hrough greenfields

INSTRU : G|Bm|Em|F#7

GreenBmfields are goneEm now

ParcBmhed by the sunF#7

GoneBm from the vallEmeys

where riveBmrs used to runF#7

GonGe with the cold wind

that swepDt into my heaBaugrt

GonEme with the loveArs

who letBm their dreams departF#7

WherBme are the greenEmfields

that weBm       uF#7sed to roam?

INSTRU : G|Bm|Em|F#7

I'll Gnever know

what made you run awayD

HowG can I keep searching

when dark clouds hide the dayD

(Oh) BmI only know

there's nothEming here for me

NothBming in this wideEm world

Left for me to seeF#7

But I'll Bmkeep on waitEming

Till Bmyou returnF#7

I'll Bmkeep on waitEming

until Bmthe day you learnF#7

YouG can't be happy

while youDr heart's on a roamBaug

YouEm can't be hapApy

until Bmyou bring it homeF#7

HomBme to the greenEmfields

and meBm       oF#7nce again

INSTRU : Bm|Em|Bm|F#7 |Bm

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