Original Key


Original Key


YouE're alone, you're on your own

So whatB? Have you gone blind?

Have you forgotAten what you have

and what is yoursE?       B

GlassE half empty, glass half full

Well, eithBer way, you won't be going thirAsty

Count your blessings, not your flawEs       C#m          B

* You've gotA it all

You lost your mindE in the soundB

There's so Amuch more

You can reclaimC#m your crownB

You're in Acontrol

Rid of the monsEters inside Byour headA

Put C#mall your faultBs to bed A

YouC#m can be kingB (again) E

YouE don't get what all this is aboutB

You're too wrapped up in your self-doubAt

You've got that young blood, set it freeE       C#m          B

( REPEAT * )

There's methAod in my madnessE       B

There's no logiAc in your sadC#mness       B

You don't gainA a singBle thingC#m from

MiB/Ebsery,  F#7 TakeA it from meB

( REPEAT * , * )



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