คอร์ดเพลง How Deep Is Your Love


CAPO # FRET 1 ( key Eb )

INTRO :      D      Dmaj7         Gmaj7         Asus4      ( 2 Times )

I know your eyesD in the morF#m7ning sunEm7

IB7 feel you touchEm7 me in the pourF#m7ing rainAsus4

And the moDment that you wanderA far from mBm7e

I wanna feelEm7 you in my arms againAsus4

* And you comeGmaj7 to me on a summerF#m7 breeze

Keep me warmEm7 in your love, then you softlyCmaj7 leave

And it's meF#m7 you need to showAsus4

( How deep is your love )

** How deepD is your love, how deepDmaj7 is your love

IGmaj7 really mean to learnGm6

'Cause we're livingD in a world of fools,C6

breaking us downB7 When they all should let us bEm7e,

we belongGm6 to you and meD           (F#m           /A)

I believeF#m7 in you      Em7 

YouB7 know the doorEm7 to my veryF#m7 soul      Asus4

You're the lightD in my deepestF#m7 darkestBm7 hour

You're my saviourEm7 when I fallAsus4

And you mayGmaj7 not think I careF#m7 for you

When you knowEm7 down inside that I reallyCmaj7 do

And it's meF#m7 you need to show,Asus4

( How deep is your love )

( Repeat ** )

INSTRU : D F#m7      Em7 B7 Em7      F#m7      Asus4

D      F#m7      Bm7      Em7 A7

( Repeat * , ** , ** , ** )


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