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คอร์ดเพลง Starry Night

CAPO #FRET 1 (ปรับคีย์ Eb)

I hate the moDmaj7on, shinning the lightF#m on smiley faces

I hate those loversG’ eyes so sparkly with those starsA

I hate the rosDmaj7es, in hands of girlsF#m in pretty dresses

hate that seekingG for you is a bridge too farA

* all I can say is (ooh oohDmaj7 ooh)

ooh oh on this starryF#m night

all I can say is (ooh oohDmaj7 ooh)

oh I’m longing for yourF#m eyes

** Oh how can I loveG, this beautiful nightA

oh how can I be,G just happy for a whileA

I hate the winDmaj7d, sweeping the songA you used to sing

I hate how those laughsG, remind who I used to Abe

I hate my eyDmaj7es that start to waterF#m seeing things

that was onceG adored turned to be so uglyA

( Repeat * , ** )

I hate the moDmaj7on

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